Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Need help? We’ve gathered a list of helpful links for school, home and your well being

Australian fires.
Remote … everything.
Record early heat wave in Arizona.
Murder hornets!
If it’s starting to seem like 2020 is going to be a banner year for chaos, change and stress, fear not. We have gathered a list of resources to help you navigate everything the world is tossing your way. These resources won’t keep the Jumanji murder hornets away, but they should help make your educational path easier during this trying time.

Need help adjusting to remote learning?

Need to contact an academic advisor?

Need help with financial aid?
  • The best way to reach our CGCC Financial Aid office is via email, financialaid@cgc.edu
  • No internet?  No problem - you can also call to leave them a voicemail at 1.855.622.2332 and they’ll call you back.
  • You can also use the Virtual Enrollment Services Team number at 480.351.2221 to text them for help.

Need help with financial resources?

Need help finding a job?

Need tutoring?
  • All CGCC students now have access to TutorMatch, a new option within the cool BrainFuse online tutoring platform.  TutorMatch allows you to connect with the same awesome CGCC tutors that you used to work with in the Learning Center and Writing Center, now in a virtual format.  Here’s a description of how it works: connection.cgc.edu/2020/03/schedule-virtual-tutoring-support.html
  • Once you’re familiar with how it works, bookmark BrainFuse for easy access: cgc.edu/brainfuse

Need to know what to do with your textbooks?

Need help with health, housing or food security?

Need help paying the bills?

Need help getting around town?
  • Valley Metro buses and trains are running reduced schedules because of the ongoing safer-at-home orders. To see the updated schedule: https://www.valleymetro.org/

Need more help?

Need a break or a way to find some peace?

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