Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Schedule Virtual Tutoring Support

You’ve got your schedule for next week’s courses. Now, take a moment to schedule time with our tutoring staff for the courses you are most challenged by. Do you have an English class at 8 a.m. on Monday? Perhaps your writing tutoring block should be Tuesday morning to address assignments from the previous day. Is there a Math class on Wednesday afternoon? Book some time for Thursday morning to help address outstanding math problems you’re struggling with. 

TUTOR MATCH FAQ: Who? What? Why? How? When?

What is Tutor Match?
Tutor Match is a remote tutoring option offered by Brainfuse, a free, on-line tutoring service available to Chandler-Gilbert students. Tutor Match allows you to schedule on-line tutoring appointments with CGCC tutors.  
Click here to connect to Tutor Match within the Tutoring Platform (Brainfuse).

Why should I use Tutor Match?
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all Chandler-Gilbert campuses are closed and all in-person classes will switch over to a remote format.  To help provide academic support for CGCC courses, access to online tutoring has been extended to all students (previously only available for students in online and hybrid courses).  Tutor Match will let you connect with tutors from the CGCC Math, Science, and Writing Centers for help with any of your current Chandler-Gilbert classes. 

Who can use Tutor Match? 
At this time, access to Brainfuse and Tutor Match has been extended to all CGCC students.  Please note that you may only use Brainfuse for assistance with Chandler-Gilbert courses in which you are currently enrolled. The use of Brainfuse for coursework from other institutions is strictly prohibited and subject to the college's policies and procedures regarding the acceptable use of student support resources.  Brainfuse tutoring sessions are recorded and reviewed by college personnel on a regular basis.

When can I use Tutor Match?
Tutor Match will show which tutors are available once you have chosen a subject. You can then select a session time from the list of available tutors.  Students also have access to the Live Help option (through Brainfuse staff) for times that CGCC tutors are not available for pre-scheduled sessions. As much as possible, it is highly recommended that you utilize CGCC tutors via Brainfuse Tutor Match since they are more familiar with your CGCC coursework, instructor expectations, and assignments. 

How do I use Tutor Match?

Request a Tutoring Session
  • Log in to Brainfuse using your MEID and password.
  • Look for Tutor Match.

  • Select a Topic (the discipline in which you need help; not necessarily your school of study) and select a Subject (a specific class or subject)  


  • Click on Schedule


  • Ensure your Time Zone is correct (for Arizona, select MST).  If it is not correct, click on the time zone link. A separate box will appear where you can change your time zone and continue scheduling your appointment. 
  • Preferred Modality should be set to Online
  • Select a specific tutor from Available Tutors to narrow your search to the tutor of your choice. Otherwise, to see ALL available tutors, leave as "Select a tutor". 

  • Select the date for your appointment from the calendar. 
  • Find a time slot that works for you and click on Select.  (Please schedule appointments at least 20 minutes in advance of the session start time so tutors have a chance to confirm the appointment. )       
  • Tip: If you prefer to view the calendar for the entire month, select month in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Almost done! Double-check your time zone is correct, complete the online form with your phone number, SMS reminder preference, and notes about the assistance you are seeking, then click Request Session.​

Session Confirmation 

You will see a pending confirmation page letting you know that the tutor has been notified of your request
  • When the tutor confirms your request, you will receive a confirmation email to your firstname.lastname@cgc.edu account
  • The time and date of the appointment will be included.

How to Attend
  • Log back into Brainfuse shortly before your session starts, hover over your name (top right on the page), and click on My Calendar and then on Enter to access the session.
  • Note: Brainfuse works best on your computer, laptop, or tablet.  Accessing Tutor Match through your cell phone is not recommended.

How to Cancel a Tutoring Session
  • Log into Online Tutoring
  • Click on your Username in the top right corner under the "Logout" button
  • Select My Calendar 
  • Click Cancel next to the appointment that you wish to cancel

The following video outlines the directions described above for your reference. 

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