Friday, May 22, 2020

It’s your time to celebrate - you did it!

You made it happen!

We know that completing your certificate or degree wasn’t easy. For many of you, you balanced work, family and school to reach this point. For all of you, the spring semester was one for the books as everyone around the world dealt with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent stay-at-home orders.

And while that was stressful, you can proudly say you took what was thrown your way and came out on top.

Now it’s time to celebrate - safely and with social distancing of course! There is no one-size-fits-all way to celebrate your achievement. You might want a simple dinner with your family or maybe a Zoom call with your distant relatives and relations. Regardless of what you choose, humans need to celebrate the big moments in life even if they look a little different from what you might have planned before. Do it your way!

At Chandler-Gilbert Community College, we celebrate you! Here’s a look at how we honor you now:

Go out and make the world a better place! We are proud of you!

And while you’re out there in the world, don’t forget to stay in touch. We want to hear about all of your new adventures. 

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