Thursday, August 11, 2016

Behind the Scenes with CGCC Student Leadership Board President

April Martinell, CGCC Student Leadership Board President

We sat down with accounting major and Student Leadership Board president April Martinell for a brief Q&A to chat about what she hopes to accomplish this year in her leadership role.

Connections (CX): Why did you decide to join the CGCC Student Leadership Board?
April: I saw a need. Chandler-Gilbert Community College was looking for a new president that could take them to the next level of student engagement. I knew that was me! 

CX: What are you hoping to accomplish as this year's board president?
April: This year my focus will be on student engagement. I plan to bring the activities to the students, make it easier for them to get involved on campus and make new friends.

CX: What are the benefits of being an active part of the CGCC campus community?
April: I can think of four benefits, the first being RESOURES. Our college has a wealth of resources such as free tutoring, computer labs and career guidance counselors, just to name a few, that you wouldn’t find without getting involved. 
The second is DISCOVERY. Being an active part of CGCC will help you discover your strengths and that will give you confidence in pursuing your dreams.
The third is NETWORKING. We are all going somewhere. We are all in college for a purpose. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that smart person in your class as your future business partner, IT professional or accountant?
The fourth is COMMUNITY. Getting involved on campus builds a stronger and more resilient community. You never know how the club you join and help flourish could someday save the world.

CX: What advice would you give to a student who is looking to get involved on campus?
April: Attend the Club Fair, September 6 & 7 from 11-1pm on the Pavilion Patio! We have so many amazing clubs at CGCC that is a great place to start. I hope to see you all there! 

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