Friday, August 12, 2016

Get Involved Today!

There’s more to being a college student than sitting inside a classroom. CGCC offers endless opportunities for students to get involved. As the fall semester approaches, we encourage you to join a student organization! Being an active part of campus life allows you to become better connected with your school community and discover new friends with similar interests. College can be overwhelming and stressful at times, having a group of peers on campus to engage with can make all the difference in the world.
See below for a list of upcoming August and September events.  For a complete listing of student life events, click here.
 8/15 ­ Day of Learning
8/22 ­-8/25 ­ Welcome Week Booths
 8/22 & 8/23­ Welcome Booths at Williams
 9/1 ­ Mr Softee at Williams
9/6 ­ Club Fair Pecos
9/7 ­ Club Fair Pecos
 9/7 ­ Vendor Fair Williams
9/13 ­ Project 3D, Roll Out, 11am ­ 1pm, Pavilion
9/15 Pop On Over - Connect With Faculty and Staff event
 9/16 3-Day Retreat
 9/17­ 3-Day Retreat
 9/17 ­ AZ Multicultural Education Conference
9/18 ­ 3-Day Retreat
9/20 ­ Empty Bowls
 9/21­ The Gilbert Senior Center Hoe Down
9/27  Project 3D a, Immigration Forum, 7pm ­ 8:30pm, AGA Comm Rm.
9/27 - 9/29 Blood Drive

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