Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Your Spring Grades & Summer Courses

Like colleges and universities across the country, including most in Arizona, MCCCD is temporarily adjusting our grading policy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic response.

Except for courses or programs that require letter grades due to accreditation, dual enrollment, or other factors, all Spring courses continuing after April 9, 2020, will be converted to “P/Z” (credit/no credit). If you are in good standing at the end of the class, earning at least a “C,” you will receive a “P” (credit). You will also be given the option to receive the letter grade that you earned as well, more information about that process and the specifics “P/Z” (credit/no credit) is below.

Receiving a Letter Grade

If you are comfortable with your performance in a course and you prefer a letter grade, you must contact your instructor. You must contact your instructor using Maricopa email or Canvas messaging no later than one calendar week prior to the end of your course in order to request a letter grade in your course, otherwise, the P/Z grade will be posted to your transcript.

  • If you are taking multiple courses, you may choose to receive a letter grade in any one class or all of your classes.
  • If you do not inform your instructor that you wish to receive a letter grade, you will automatically be graded “P/Z” (credit/no credit).
  • Whether you choose “P/Z” or a letter grade, you must complete the semester in your classes to receive a grade and credit for the course. 

About Pass/Fail Grades

  • “P/Z” grades will not be calculated in your Maricopa GPA.
  • AZTransfer has revised transfer policies for courses taken during pandemic response. For these courses, credits earned with a grade of “P” may be counted toward graduation, toward the AGEC (Arizona General Education Curriculum), and will transfer for program credit at our Arizona State universities, GCU, University of Phoenix, and others. If you plan to transfer outside Arizona, check with your transfer institution regarding 
  • “P” grades will not satisfy course or program requirements where the requirement is a grade of “B” or higher.


Even with the availability of “P/Z” grades, you may feel you are unable to continue with a class and wish to withdraw. We want to support your academic progress and hope you will stay with us to complete the semester. Please speak to your instructor about your wish to withdraw. You may be eligible for a tuition credit or partial refund.

  • Once you connect with your instructor, contact our enrollment team here so that a representative can help you determine how withdrawing may affect your academic plan and/or your financial aid/scholarships/veteran benefits.

Before You Withdraw

  • Withdrawing from class(es) can adversely affect students who receive special funding and eligibility circumstances, such as athletes, Veterans, and students receiving federal student aid, scholarships, grants, loans, or accessing employer education reimbursement plans.
  • Students who withdraw from a course will receive a grade of “W” (withdrawn, passing) or “Y” (withdrawn, failing) on their transcripts and must repeat the course in its entirety to receive credit for it.

Summer Classes Online

Maricopa Community Colleges have been taking many preventative measures to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Because we cannot predict when current restrictions for our communities will ease, all Summer 2020 courses will be online/alternative delivery only.

We're Here to Help

We know this is a very challenging time, and we’re here to support you. We are adding more information to the Student FAQs and Community Resources regularly.

Can’t find the information you need online? Submit your questions through this online form so we can update the information for everyone.

We are all in this together and the Maricopa family is here for you. Even though we all are facing unprecedented circumstances, it is our goal to assist you in as many ways as possible -- both personally and academically.

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