Monday, June 17, 2019

Ways to Pay for College

We understand that the process of paying for college involves many steps. Because tuition & fees are due before classes start, we have compiled the following list of payment methods accepted by CGCC.

Learn your estimated total cost of attending CGCC. Taking into consideration everything from tuition and fees to books and supplies, transportation and dependent expenses, the net price calculator is an easy, quick and convenient way to estimate yearly educational expenses. The calculator also estimates the total financial aid a student will receive, if eligible, and deducts that amount for the estimated net price.

Financial aid is available to you based upon your eligibility. College financial aid comes in many forms such as grants, scholarships, student loans and work-study opportunities. You can complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at any time. Anticipate 6-8 weeks for the processing time from submitted application to financial aid awarding. Learn more about financial aid programs here.  The FA code for CGCC is 030722.

If you have any questions regarding financial aid, please call 1-855-622-2332 or email

By signing up for a payment plan, you secure your seat in your class and can make smaller monthly payments toward your tuition rather than paying all up front. Sign-up for a payment plan to hold your class(es) on the day you register. Sign up for the monthly payment plan (administered by Nelnet Campus Commerce) using your Online Student Center. This requires a $15 deposit and a $20 Nelnet non-refundable enrollment fee for a total of $35. These fees must be paid on the day of registering for class(es) to secure your class(es). When you sign up, you will receive a monthly payment schedule of equal monthly payments based upon your payment time frame

A variety of scholarships are available to CGCC students.

These scholarships are only available to CGCC students. Each scholarship has its own eligibility requirements and application process.

CGCC students can also earn scholarships from the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation. The Foundation has two main scholarship cycles in February and September of each year. Special scholarship opportunities may come available throughout the year. Students only need to complete one application per academic year to be considered for a variety of scholarships.

The CGCC Honors Program provides the opportunity for academically motivated students to participate in challenging and rewarding educational experiences. The Presidents’ Honors Scholarship is for incoming, first-year college students. It covers in-state/in-county tuition up to 15 credit hours (plus the $15 registration fee) per semester. The Honors Academic Achievement award is for current Maricopa Community Colleges students who have completed at least twelve (12) college credits and are maintaining at least a 3.25 cumulative GPA.  It will assist with tuition, registration and/or books.

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