Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Si Se Puede Scholars enjoy chemistry fun day

Chandler-Gilbert Community College chemistry faculty Lorelei Wood and Mike McFavilen partnered with Si Se Puede Foundation Scholars Program to provide a one-day chemistry camp to 20 Si Se Puede Scholars on March 21. The mission of Si Se Puede Foundation is to provide opportunities for STEM exploration to at-risk youth in our community.

Wood, McFavilen, and CGCC chemistry students Diego Alvarado and Jerry Crum provided a day full of learning and experimentation for Si Se Puede students as they led lessons and several activities focusing on natural chemistry principles. Students participated in a number of chemistry activities including magic color milk science projects and chromatography experiments where they were separated and tested colors in washable markers.

Wood and McFavilen taught the students the scientific methods of observation and taught them how to form sound hypotheses. Students were then able to test their hypotheses through their experiments. Students also learned about independent, dependent and control variables in scientific experiments and their importance.

“Our students were excited that they had the opportunity to test their hypotheses, and see what happens when they change various elements. They are looking forward to the next chemistry camp to see what other fun projects they can participate in,” said a representative from Si Se Puede.

Submitted by Alexandra Cannell, Service-Learning

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