Friday, January 27, 2017

Take Control of Your Education, Attend a Student Success Fair

Chandler-Gilbert Community College is hosting two upcoming Student Success Fairs to celebrate student success and promote graduation. Events will be held at the Pecos Campus on Tuesday, February 7 and Wednesday, February 8 from 9 am to 1 pm.

The Student Success Fair is a popular campus event designed to help students achieve their academic goals by providing direct access to information and resources that enhance and nurture the college-going experience. During the fair students, can connect, engage, and learn from CGCC faculty and staff representing nearly 20 different campus services. We encourage all students to join us. Students who engage with all four fair zones will receive complimentary lunch and are eligible for a free CGCC t-shirt.

CGCC to Host Student Etiquette Networking Reception

Dine with style! Chandler-Gilbert Community Career Services is excited to announce its upcoming Etiquette Networking Reception, an event designed to introduce students to proper dining etiquette, business attire, and business conversation. The event will be hosted by renowned business etiquette expert Carol Bory on Thursday, March 30 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. inside Agave Hall Room 1242 at the Pecos Campus.

Students will enjoy a delightful selection of hors d’oeuvres while sitting at a lunch table hosted by an industry executive who will share your table and offer advice during the reception. The Etiquette Networking Reception is an opportunity to learn how to network professionally while learning critical skills needed to act professionally while dining. Reserve your place with a $5.00 fee paid at the CGCC Cashier’ Office/Coyote Center.

Email confirmation will be sent upon receipt of payment. Learn more by visiting the Career Services’ website at or contact them at phone at (480) 857-5211. This is an event you will not want to miss!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Rocko the Dog to Receive 'Bucket List' Wish, Earns College Degree

Chandler-Gilbert Community College’s (CGCC) alumni community is now more diverse than ever with the addition of its first canine graduate, Rocko the dog!  Rocko, our lovable four-legged friend, was presented with an honorary "AGEC" (A Generally Educated Canine) degree from CGCC on January 23 during Dr. Regi Munro’s Anatomy & Physiology class.

Earning a college degree was the next item on Rocko’s "bucket list." The 8-year-old Lab mix who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer had been in and out of shelters for years.  Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC) says Rocko had been surrendered to their Mesa campus because his owner was moving and could no longer care for him. Last March, he was adopted but returned to the shelter a month later. In May, another person adopted Rocko, but once again he was surrendered — this time because he was sick.

MCACC volunteers have grown attached to the lovable Rocko who has become far more than a companion, but an inspiration.   Especially for Mike Mosteller, Rocko’s new foster parent, a retired U.S. Marine who suffers from PTSD and has found both a friend and a source of therapy in Rocko as a service dog.  “When people hear that I have taken in Rocko, they call me a hero,” shared Mike, “but it’s Rocko and dogs like him who are the real heroes.”  It is this bond with Rocko that led Mike and the MCACC family to make Rocko’s final days his best by creating a bucket list of experiences they felt he would love.

The first item on Rocko’s list was to be a real fire dog and ride on a fire engine.  Sure enough, on January 13 Rocko joined the Mesa firefighters sounding the siren and cruising through the city on a fire engine drawing the attention of the community.  Rocko’s endearing story was picked up widely by local news outlets and when people learned of his pursuit they wanted to help.

Dr. Munro reached out to the MCACC suggesting that Rocko next check off his dream to graduate from college.  As the chair of the Biological Sciences Division at CGCC, Dr. Munro saw real meaning to having Rocko join her BIO 202 Human Anatomy & Physiology class.

"It is important for me that my students know that all members of their family matter and count.  I impart on my students the importance of balance with school family, friendships, and our pets," said Dr. Munro.  "Also, I was touched by how Rocko and Mike found each other, help to heal one another and bring joy to each others’ lives.  I have many student veterans and several students who have service dogs attend school with them and help to provide emotional support and care.  I found it only fitting that for all our dogs do for us, Rocko should be able to earn an honorary degree of his own."
Dr. Munro, with the blessing of Dr. William Guerriero, interim president of CGCC, e-mailed her bucket list idea for Rocko to MCACC, sharing her reasoning and the connection she felt to his and Mike’s story.  MCACC and Rocko enthusiastically accepted the invitation and at approximately 10:30 am on January 23, 2017 Rocko took one small step for dogs, one giant leap for dog-kind.  Rocko’s tail wagged as Dr. Guerriero and Dr. Munro presented him with an "AGEC" degree in front of a classroom full of students, staff and local news outlets.

What’s next on Rocko's bucket list?  After fighting fires in Mesa and donning his cap and gown in Chandler, Rocko, a die-hard Cubs fan, hopes to run the bases at Sloan Park and lounge in the outfield.  Beyond that, Rocko, Mike and MCACC are hard at work planning the next adventure.

Want to help Rocko cross off his list?  Help him to stay healthy!  Rocko's initial tests for his diagnosis, his chemotherapy medications and doctor’s visits are being covered by Creative Contributions, a local non-profit organization helping shelter animals gain access to full service medical care. Visit to help Rocko and many other animals in need.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Save A Life, Donate Blood Today

Chandler-Gilbert Community College has partnered with United Blood Services to host a blood drive at the Pecos Campus on January 24, 25 & 26 from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm. The United Blood Services bus will be parked on the sidewalk of Queen Creek Mall located south of the Saguaro Building. Visit code: CGCC to schedule your lifesaving blood donation. One donation of blood has the potential to save three lives.

Sign up now!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Get Involved Today!

Discover all the ways to get involved at Chandler-Gilbert Community College by attending the Spring Club Fair on January 24 & 25 at the Pecos Campus. The events will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the Pavilion Patio.  Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with CGCC club and organization representatives to learn more about their mission, activities and how to sign up for participation. This is a great way to get to make new friends with similar interests and give back to the local community. We hope to see you there!

Click here for a complete list of clubs and organizations.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Welcome Back

Happy New Year! Welcome back to all returning CGCC students. We hope you enjoyed your winter break and are ready for the spring semester. We are looking forward to another fulfilling semester and accomplishing great things. As you prepare to start class, we want to remind you of things in order to help with a smooth academic transition.

Back to school congestion always makes moving around campus challenging during the first week.  Plan for this by allowing yourself extra time to get to class and packing ample patience for fellow students and staff, especially when navigating the Coyote Center, bookstore and surrounding parking lots.

If you didn’t have time to get involved on campus in the fall, now is a great time to get involved by joining a student organization or attending a campus event. Being an active part of campus life allows you to become better connected with your school community and discover new friends with similar interests. For more information on CGCC campus activities visit our Student Life website today!

Finally, we encourage you to start off your spring semester off on the right foot by taking advantage of the CGCC Learning Center. Get primed for your toughest subjects with free tutoring services that are available to students on a drop-in basis for selected courses.  While the emphasis is on providing writing, mathematics and science support, services are available for a wide range of courses at CGCC.  Check out locations, hours and more information here.

CGCC looks forward to sharing more good news with you during the year through the newsletter, social media, the college’s web-site and our new mobile app!
The new CGCC mobile app will be available later this month to download, so keep an eye out.

Again, welcome back and we wish you a successful spring semester!