Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Five teams place in spring technology games

CGCC student team places its robot to begin the
line-following challenge.
Congratulations to Chandler-Gilbert Community College’s five student teams that placed in the 2015 Avnet Tech Games

Chandler Ridding​, ​Kevin Grout and Sean Walker won first place for the Digital Design Dilemma where teams had four hours to design and build a ​visual indicator for next generation pedestrian crossing signal system. Each student received $1,000.​ Faculty coach was Bassam Matar. 

Alec Iverson and Michael Camacho came in with an extremely close second place in the Java Blitz where teams developed an application using Java 7 Standard Edition which was then judged based on a predefined set of criteria. Adjunct Faculty Ray Hedgecock was the team’s coach.

Achilles Tsantarliotis, John Stephenson and Gjergii Joco ​w​on third in the  HP Fastest Computer Build, a three-part event where teams were timed on their ability to Build it Fast, Troubleshoot it Fast, and Refurb it Fast. Faculty coach was Bassam Matar. 

Jimi Aguirre, Devin Klein, Richard Mortensen, Mark Murray and Roger Her participated in two different teams in the Robot Race Obstacle Course, taking fourth and fifth place out of 15 teams. In this challenge, each team ha​d​ five hours to build and program a robot from Legos that then had to complete a line-following course and a maze challenge. Faculty coach was Bassam Matar.

Read Avnet's announcement of all the first-place winners

Ridding, Grout and Walker work to build a computer
the fastest.

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