Wednesday, November 20, 2013

CGCC helps train 24 Taiwanese students as pilots

UND Aerospace Foundation announced an agreement with TransAsia Airways, based out of Taiwan, to provide an 11-month aviation education program to train pilots with no flight experience to be FAA-certified commercial pilots with instrument and multi-engine ratings.

The 24 Taiwanese students are enrolled as Chandler-Gilbert Community College (CGCC) students and taking the required academic class work while conducting flight training with CGCC’s flight training provider, UND Aerospace Foundation (UNDAF).

UND Aerospace and CGCC have had a partnership since 1995 offering a two-year degree program at CGCC with the option to continue flight training and receive a four-year aviation degree at the University of North Dakota.

“Along with our partners at Chandler Gilbert Community College, we are excited to be selected by TransAsia to deliver this aviation education,” said Don Dubuque, UNDAF director of extension programs. “Upon completion of their academic and flight requirements at CGCC and the UND Aerospace Flight Training Center, students will continue their training in Taiwan with TransAsia Airways, transitioning into large commercial passenger aircraft such as the Airbus and ATR.”

The students began in May and will complete their studies in April 2014. They are being housed in the CGCC student housing available at the Williams Campus

“It is a pleasure to have these exceptional students here at CCGC,” said William Crawford III, CGCC vice president of student affairs. “This is a further validation of the benefits of having strategic partnerships with other educational institutions and industry as we fulfill our mission at CGCC.”

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