Thursday, October 3, 2013

Psychology faculty published in industry-leading handbook

Psychology faculty Zoila G. Tovar-Blank, Ph.D. and Patricia Arredondo, president of the Chicago campus of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, wrote a book chapter in the second edition of the Handbook of Multicultural Psychology published this summer by the American Psychological Association.

The chapter titled, “Multicultural competencies: A dynamic paradigm for the 21st century,” appears in volume two of the two-volume set, which presents the best science and best practice within the cross-cutting perspective of psychology. (Volume one focuses on theory and research and volume two on applications and training.)

Arredondo, a highly respected Latina psychologist well-known for her work in multicultural counseling, was invited to write the chapter for the handbook which is updated only every 10 years. She subsequently invited Tovar-Blank to co-author the chapter. They have co-authored many articles after meeting at ASU where Tovar-Blank was studying and Arredondo was a faculty member.

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