Monday, July 8, 2013

President Lujan featured in the Arizona Republic's Who's Who in Business for 2013

"Who's Who in Business 2013" lists Arizona's leading companies in 50 sectors and profiles of high-ranking women in each field. President Lujan is featured in the Education section.

"Linda Lujan, president and chief executive officer of Chandler-Gilbert Community College, often shares her life story at orientations for re-entering students.

She tells them how she became pregnant at 17 and married and dropped out of high school. She talks about the minimum-wage jobs she worked while raising four children. And she tells the story of how she drove into the parking lot of her Denver-area community college, drove out and then finally worked up her courage to go into the building, meet the advisers and start college at age 30.

“It’s amazing how many students say, ‘Me, too! I came, and I drove away. I was too frightened to go in,’” Lujan says.

Today Lujan oversees a college that has three campuses and more than 19,000 students."
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