Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Be Air Aware campaign wins Award of Excellence

Be Air Aware team (from left) Trina Larson, Chrissy
Springfield, Lynda Anderson, Joel Brame,
and Lori Girshick. 
The Diversity Advisory Council recognized the Chandler-Gilbert Community College Be Air Aware campaign with the 2013 Award of Excellence. Team members  Lynda Anderson, Joel Brame, Lori Girshick, Trina Larson from CGCC and Alyssa Brown and Chrissy Springfield from the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) office will be recognized for their efforts in supporting diversity and inclusion within MCCCD at the Diversity Advisory Council Recognition Event on Wednesday, April 10.

The Be Air Aware campaign promotes a work environment free of harmful chemicals and irritants that may cause Multiple Chemical Sensitivities syndrome. The campaign creates awareness about the needs of employees who suffer with this invisible disability. This initiative has aided in fostering inclusivity and diversity so that all Maricopa employees can do their best work.

While the initiative is still ongoing at this point, the team is considering expanding the educational sessions to students and adjunct faculty. Many employees have come forward to thank the team because they had been suffering reactions in silence.

“We owe it to our employees to provide the healthiest environment possible for them to work in,” said MCCCD Chancellor Rufus Glasper during the Breathe Easy campaign.

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