Friday, January 4, 2013

Three recognized as Outstanding Adjunct Faculty by AFA

Three of our adjunct faculty members have been recognized as Outstanding Faculty by MCCCD's Adjunct Faculty Association.

A recognition dinner was held on Dec. 11 for all Outstanding Adjunct Faculty across Maricopa. After the dinner they were also recognized at the Governing Board meeting.

Nicole Lavonier - Reading, Education
Nicole has been teaching for the past 12 years. She taught first grade, seventh and eighth grade science, and critical thinking at an online university. She has been teaching at CGCC for the past two years. She teaches Critical Reading, Developmental Reading, and recently was hired to teach Children's Literature. Nicole is nearly done with her doctorate in Educational Leadership at the University of Phoenix. Her dissertation is on evaluating remedial reading programs for developmental readers at the community college. She loves teaching and feels blessed to have found her dream job.

Debra Nolen - Health Care, Philosophy, Religion
Debra has been teaching at CGCC since fall of 2012. She has been successfully teaching Health Care Ethics and World Religions and enjoying the study of law at Phoenix College in the paralegal program while she decides whether or not to pursue a doctoral degree in health care education. In the meantime, Debra continues to teach amazing students, cement new relationships, experience academic milestones, and pursue her interests in health care policy, student success, and Veteran's Affairs.

Sandra Rath - Communicaiton
According to Sandra, she has had the opportunity and privilege to work alongside some of the finest staff and students as an adjunct professor of Communication at CGCC for the past five and half years. Her zeal for teaching is evident as she strives to engage students through interactive activities and discussions, service-learning, and civic-engagement while utilizing different learning formats such as hybrid courses, eight-week courses, as well as traditional face-to-face courses. Sandra recently earned her doctoral degree in Communication Studies at Arizona State University and has a published non-fiction book titled, "Peace By Piece: A Story of Survival and Forgiveness" (2008), which has been translated and published in both German and Spanish. She is currently working on the production of a script from her dissertation titled, "The After Generations," which is told from the perspective of children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, to be staged (tentatively) in fall 2013 at ASU.

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