Thursday, January 24, 2013

Adjunct faculty recognized for service and contributions

Twenty-four adjunct faculty at Chandler-Gilbert Community College were recognized for their service and contributions at the 2012 Adjunct Faculty Awards held at the All Faculty meeting in early January. Sixteen were presented with the Extended Service Award for teaching 20 semesters at the college. A recognition video was produced to thank them for their contributions.

Those recognized for Extended Service include:
  • Patricia Adams, Modern Languages and Humanities
  • Sherri Basha, Business and Computing Services
  • Amanda Beery, Math
  • Michael Canham, Science
  • Lauri Carney, Science
  • Rosa Ellingson, Composition, Creative Writing and Literature
  • Mohamed El-Sharkawy, Aviation and Applied Sciences
  • John “Doc” Holaday, Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Jill Hudson, Business and Computing Services
  • Marc Jette, Modern Languages and Humanities
  • Casey Kadavy, Composition, Creative Writing and Literature
  • Adele Lewis, Communication and Fine Arts
  • Kevin Sebesta, Business and Computing Services
  • Shele Taylor, Nursing and Health Sciences
  • Loyd Tate, Aviation and Applied Sciences
  • Julie Thompson, Science
The event also presented eight adjunct faculty with Golden Seatbelt Award. Created by Bill Mullaney, former dean of arts and sciences, the award title refers to the faculty member's ability to keep students in their seats for the entire semester resulting in high rates of successful completion. This award was presented to:
  • Aram Chomina-Chavez (MGT253)
  • Zabioullah Eltezam (ECN212)
  • Eileen Engle (ARH101)
  • Wayne Gautreau (MAT142)
  • Jill Hudson (GBS205)
  • Allison O’Neal (PSY132)
  • Robert Payne (SOC101)
  • Jill Wendt (PSY235)
A video featuring their contributions also was produced.

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