Friday, January 22, 2016

CGCC Inducts Former Athletic Director into ACCAC Hall of Fame

Jeff Mason, CGCC Athletic Dept Founder
CGCC Athletic Department founder and former Athletic Director, Jeff Mason, has been named CGCC’s inaugural inductee to the Arizona Community College Athletic Conference (ACCAC) Hall of Fame.  Mason will be recognized for his induction as well as his tremendous contribution to CGCC Athletics on Wednesday, January 27th during halftime of the women’s basketball game.  

“We could not think of a more appropriate individual to make our inaugural inductee into the ACCAC Hall of Fame,” shared Ed Yeager CGCC current Athletic Director. “Beyond Jeff being the most deserving of this recognition, this created an opportunity for us to honor all that he has done and everything that he means to CGCC athletics.  Our fine athletic facilities including our fields, gymnasium and most recently the Coyote Center are due in large part to Jeff’s leadership and commitment over the years.”

In 1998, Mason was named founding Athletic Director at CGCC and brought with him a rich background in athletics that set his standards of excellence at the highest levels.  After competing as a pro ball player for the Yankees, Cardinals and Giants from 1967 – 1974, Mason poured the same passion and performance into the world of high school athletics as a coach, teacher and eventually athletic director.  Between the years 1975 and 1997 Mason led Apache Junction varsity baseball team to back to back state championships and was named the Arizona Republic Baseball Coach of the Year both years. From 1983-1993, he was the varsity baseball coach at Chandler High School. In 2007, Jeff was named to the Arizona Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

Russ Luce, current Head Baseball Coach at CGCC and long-time associate and friend of Mason, is another beneficiary of his efforts at CGCC and in the community.  “We are all so fortunate that Jeff chose to bring his wealth of experience, knowledge and personality to CGCC.  He was handed a tremendous task in building this department and he attacked it with both determination and grace,” reflected Luce.  “It is rare that we have the opportunity to express our gratitude to the people on whose shoulders we stand today, and that is why it is with such enthusiasm that we nominate Jeff for the ACCAC Hall of Fame.”

As the founding CGCC Athletic Director Mason was charged with bricks, mortar and everything else that goes into building a collegiate-level program.  Specifically, Mason had to work with the community to determine which sports to offer and find and negotiate facility agreements for off-campus competition.   Later, he oversaw the design and construction of facilities on campus, he brought CGCC into the Arizona Community College Athletic Conference and the National Junior College Athletic Association.  He hired coaches and staff, assisted with recruiting, assured that student athletes and coaches conformed to standards, and led fundraising efforts.  

When asked his inspiration to get up and go to work every day, Mason’s response is fitting of our first hall of famer.  “The best part of my job was by far the student athletes, getting to know each one, watching them compete as Coyotes and creating memories to last a lifetime.”


The CGCC athletic department will recognize Mr. Jeff Mason on his induction into the ACCAC Hall of Fame Class of 2015 Wednesday January 27th at 7pm at the Coyote Center. The ceremony will take place between the women’s basketball game and the men's game. Our opponent will be Cochise College.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

CGCC Teachers Serve Military Families Abroad Through Education

Scott Adamson, Ph.D and Linda Meng
Last semester, two Chandler-Gilbert Community College (CGCC) mathematics faculty members, Scott Adamson, Ph.D and Linda Meng, had the distinct honor of traveling to U.S. military bases abroad to train fellow educators on the latest college and career readiness standards in mathematics.  Their journey was part of a program funded by the United States Department of Defense Education Agency (DoDEA), an agency responsible for educating children of military service members who are stationed overseas. Adamson was selected to serve teachers at the United States Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan while Meng was assigned to the United States Army Base in Daegu, South Korea.

“There is constant awareness of our U.S. troops serving on military bases abroad but far less recognition of the thousands of American children who live on these same bases.  They attend American schools where they are taught by American teachers,” said Adamson. “This program was an opportunity to serve my country by serving those teachers who educate our children and are often overlooked because of their location.” 

It is the DoDEA’s responsibility to educate these children at the same level as their peers receive state side.  And as the DoDEA transitions to the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics it, in partnership with the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas, has sought out top U.S. teachers like Adamson and Meng to get our educators serving abroad fully up to speed.    

For Meng, this too was the chance to serve her country through education, but as a former military wife with a son currently serving as a 4th generation military man, it was very personal. 
“This experience allowed me to help other military families through education,” she expressed.  “Some military families stationed abroad may feel cut off from the U.S. and this program helps military parents ensure their children stay connected through the same quality education as they would receive back home.” 

And it was by pure coincidence that her assignment to the Daegu American School was on the same base as where her son, a 4th generation military man, is serving. “I got to see him and where he works! How awesome is that?!” beamed Meng.

This program was also the opportunity for both Adamson and Meng to visit a new country and experience a different culture, something they both enjoy. "This program allowed me to travel to Japan for the first time and connect with the Japanese culture," said Adamson. "It also allowed me the chance to see what military families endure while overseas, and the important role they play in the lives of the men and women serving our country."
The CGCC esteemed faculty underwent an intensive 4-day training provided by the Dana Center to prepare for providing professional development to DoDEA teachers and leaders.  The focus of their curriculum was new math strategies. 

"Our job was to help train teachers to encourage their students to apply math to real life situations through new innovative methods. We want students to understand that math applies beyond the classroom walls, said Meng."The best part of the program was seeing how excited and grateful the teachers were about the training and their eagerness to implement with their classrooms."

Additional Info:

Adamson and Meng were selected from a pool of hundreds of applicants to be Charles A. Dana Center Facilitation Fellows by the Charles A. Dana Center International Facilitation Fellows. The Dana Center is under a $12M contract with the DoDEA to equip American teachers and leaders with new tools to support the implementation of the new standards in mathematics at U.S. military bases in 13 countries.  Selection was based on each Fellow’s depth of understanding of college and career readiness standards in mathematics and experience supporting teachers in learning and improving their practice. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Interested in Massage Therapy? Here's What You Need to Know About Our Program

Did you know Chandler-Gilbert Community College offers a certificate in licensed massage therapy? Our accredited Therapeutic Massage Program is dedicated to providing students with a professional and affordable education in the field of Therapeutic Massage. In fact, our program is approximately one-third the cost of a private therapeutic massage schools around the Valley.

Program graduates are well-prepared with the skills to enter the field of massage therapy in a variety of settings, including: hospitals, physical therapy clinics, sports performance institutes, spas/resorts and private practice, among many others. The program focuses on enhancing healing and wellness through a variety of Therapeutic Massage techniques.

Upon completion of our program students can earn either an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree or Certificate of Completion. In addition, the AAS transfers directly to the Bachelor of Applied Science at ASU East Campus and Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies at all ASU locations.

If you are interested in the Therapeutic Massage Program at CGCC contact Program Director Trine Bourke, AAS, LMT at or click here to visit the website for information about the program requirements and certificates. Becoming a massage therapist will allow you to make a difference in your own life and the lives of others every day. Enroll now!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Give Back to your Community in 2016

Looking to get more involved in your community this year? Let our Service-Learning team members connect you a Valley partner in need.

Chandler-Gilbert Community College partners with dozens of community agencies throughout the Valley seeking volunteers to help fulfill their missions. Service-Learning is more than just community service, it's also an opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience about possible educational opportunities and career ventures they may want to pursue long-term.

Visit the Service-Learning website today for more information and a list of community partners. There's no better feeling than helping those in need. Now is the time to give back!

Friday, January 8, 2016

New Year, New You! Enroll In a Group Fitness Class at CGCC Today

Prioritize your health this year by signing up for a group exercise class at Chandler-Gilbert Community (CGCC). We offer a variety of group classes suitable for everyone's needs. From Boot Camp, Pilates and Yoga to Stretch &Relaxation, Tai Chi and Karate, CGCC can help you take the first set towards a healthier lifestyle.  

"We all know that being more active, eating right and having a positive attitude can make or break our attempts to live a healthier life. CGCC wants to help you achieve your "New Year'" resolutions, especially those that relates to your mind-body and spirit," said Cookie Potter, manager of the Coyote Center at CGCC.
There are many benefits to group exercise classes. They are a wonderful place to meet new people who have similar lifestyle goals as well as a great way for students to feel motivated. Physical activity is also a great way to boost student performance. Research shows that students who take breaks from their class work to be physically active during the school day are often better able to concentrate and may do better on standardized tests.
"Brain function is improved when we are doing physical activity, especially when it comes to academic performance. It is important for students to look at fitness as a way to help them stay strong both inside and outside the classroom," said Potter.

Spaces are still available, so register today!
Classes begin January 25th and run through May 13th at both Pecos and Williams' campuses. Click here for a complete list of classes. Each class is worth one academic credit and is taught by a degree-certified instructor. For more information on group classes visit the Coyote Center's website or contact a Coyote Center representative at 480.732.7000.